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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children





National Human Trafficking Resource Center



Text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)

Our Human Trafficking education program takes place in

the schools(such as Mercy High, Spencerport and several other schools), churches, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, women's groups, hospitals, surgical centers and the list goes on.  Training "at risk" students and those that we would not consider "at risk" is imperative.  They need to know what is happening within our own community and that Human Trafficking is real and it is here!  It has become $150 billion a year industry.; 1/3 takes place in the US and New York State is one of the top destinations for Human Trafficking and abduction.

Young girls and boys who have been molested have very low self esteem and feel they are to blame.  This is quite the opposite.  We teach them and provide the tools to be on guard, know what the warning signs are, etc.

We have a DVD "Chosen" and a Powerpoint, along with question and answer periods at each event. Empowering the youth and parents of today is vital and we are doing just that.

Planned Outcomes:  each participant of this educational program will walk away with the knowledge and tools necessary for awareness of this crime giving them the ability to be safe and become an advocate for anti-human trafficking. This is an ongoing program.


Want to Schedule an Awareness Event?

To schedule an Awareness Event please call 585-730-4556 





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