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Welcome to Dress a Girl Around the World!

A Program of Hope 4 Women International

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~Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress~

Upcoming Dress A Girl Dates:

May 24th, 2016 from 3 til 8 PM at St. Cecilia's Church.

July 19th, 2016 from 3 til 8 PM at St. Cecilia's Church.

Providing handmade dresses to little girls in the US and third world countries that are at risk for being kidnapped into human trafficking means the world! Please join and help us protect young girls from predators by providing “God’s best Dress”. Our goal is to provide dignity and hope and let girls know that God loves them! Each person is worthy of love. So many young girls have no one to care for them and are often abused.


The Dress a Girl label on the outside is very important. The label indicates that an organization is looking after these girls and hopefully a predator will pass them over! Isn't it worth the extra time and effort? Even if it just saves one?


From New York State:


~To date, we here in NY State have dressed and blessed more than 200,000 young girls within the last 5 years. It is wonderful to see the hearts of women and children that have embraced this worthy cause!


~We have grown to well over 650 participants across New York and Canada that have are coming together regularly to sew in their homes, churches and clubs and then sending finished dresses to Angels of Mercy to be taken to missions within our country and around the world.


~The NYS chapter of Dress A Girl Around the World is blessed to provide tens of thousands of dresses shipped internationally each year.


~To date, Dress a Girl Around the World has blessed over 400,000 girls with beautifully made pillowcase/fabric dresses in 75 different countries. We have people sewing in all states of the US, in the UK, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Canada and Uganda.


Dress A Girl Around the World reaches out to Belizeans:

“Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress.” That is the imagination of a group of American women at the Dress A Girl Around the World Foundation, that brought one of its members to Ambergris Caye. The member of the foundation tagged along with the Belize Mission Project 2014 and during her stay in Belize, she distributed over 350 dresses and other small items.


The Dress A Girl Around the World Foundation is based in the US but has members in various countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Poland and Costa Rica. It was established in 2009 after founding member Rachel Eggum Cindar returned from Uganda, where she was a part of an empowerment project for ladies called Smile Africa. Sewing with African ladies pushed Cindarto start a new initiative and now the Dress A Girl Around The World has gained much public support.


Visiting member of the organization Suzanne Stanish, said that she has helped with volunteers getting to Belize and this year, decided to team up with the dental team. While in Belize assisting with the dental team, she decided to bring 350 dresses, female under garments, five boxes of tooth brushes and stuffed toys.


As part of the Dress A Girl Around the World Foundation, Stanish decided to reach out to the Belizeans by distributing the items around the island and other parts of the country.


“We have been handing out flyers and while doing so in the various neighborhoods, we have been giving out the dresses and other stuff. We divided into six groups and so we all gave them some dresses to give out,” said Stanish. “I spend a lot of time making these dresses myself and it was my dream to come and see the little girls getting the dresses and it was a rewarding experience.”

According to Stanish, the dresses are all sewn from basic material taking between an hour to an hour and half to complete one. “The idea is that every little girl should have a pretty little dress with our logo on it. We believe that by putting the organization’s logo our messages such as ‘Jesus loves me’ will keep sexual or other predators away from them,” explained Stanish.


The dresses have been sown in different sizes and have been distributed extensively including mainland Belize. It is the hope of Stanish to return in the future to do similar events alongside with the Belize Mission Project.
























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  • The Sewing Handbook is now available online at the website

  • Join us to help our efforts with dressing girls all over the world. Additional dates here

  • See our gallery and videos here.

  • See the impact our dresses have on the girls that get them.

~To inquire about a Dress A Girl event closest to you, please call 585-730-4556, visit or email


From Dress A Girl Around the World Home Office:


  • Please make your very best and use quality fabric and ties as they need to last a very long time. And PLEASE when you give your dress make sure that it is not so thin that it looks as though girls are wearing a nightgown. Their bodies need to be covered and often skin shows through a thin dress and it is very revealing.

  • To date we've delivered well over 400,000 dresses to 75 countries, including the United States! See the list of countries under our home tab.

  • People from all States, Canada, Uganda, the UK, Philippines, Australia, Sweden, Costa Rica and Hong Kong continue to make dresses. Together we really will dress the girls around the world.

  • You will find written instructions with pictures on the Patterns page and step-by-step video instructions under the Videos link. We also have videos of dresses being delivered. Dress a Girl 2 opens with children in Uganda singing.

  • Click on the photo gallery to see pictures of people gathering to create colorful and unique dresses. You will also see many photos of dresses being delivered around the world.

  • There is a how to host an event page. This program is exploding and we would love to have you join the fun.

  • Once you become a member on the member's page you can upload photos and post to the blog.

  • We are a part of a non-denominational Christian organization and strive to follow the example of Christ by extending love and mercy through all that we do. We welcome all faith and non-faith people to join us as we dress girls around the world.

  • FOR MORE INFO: Visit the Dress a Girl Around the World - NY State Facebook page and



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