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Hearts in Motion; Precious Gems

Dear Friends and supporters,

Angels of Mercy has developed a new program for young adult women aged 18 and over called Hearts in Motion; Precious Gems.  If you know a young woman or a group of young women who are ready to cultivate their innate ability to achieve positive and lasting change in their lives please take a look at this attachment. It is our prayer that we will see the young women of this community rise up, through Jesus’ love and mercy, to their full potential.

This program seeks to:

Strengthen spiritual and emotional inner strength-the precious gem inside

          Through: Prayer, art, yoga, meditation on the Word, journaling

Strengthen outer strengths-physical well being

          Through: Exercise, diet, nutrition

Strengthen relationships within the community

          Through: Mentoring and relationship building in the group setting

                Career Planning

                Giving back through community service

**We are planning to start soon and are looking for volunteers who have a heart for lovingly supporting these young women. We are in special need of volunteers who have skills in:

Teaching and art or a craft

Teaching goal setting, job search skills, interviewing skills

Teaching dance, exercise, yoga, self defense

Leading Christ based group sessions

If you are an individual or a group that would like to develop the inner strengths you already possess, please contact Hearts in Motion. Groups are forming soon!

Angels of Mercy 585-730-4556

Committee Members: Mary Reisig, Jamiylah Miller, Cathy Muss

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